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Page 1 of 9 CHEM 6BL PRACTICE EXAM #1 IMPORTANT STUDY RECOMMENDATIONS In order to be best prepared for your upcoming midterm, which covers experiments 1-4A, make sure you review the following items: - Pre- and postlab questions - Lecture notes and exercises included in the lecture notes - Important lab calculations from your lab reports - Important background information and concepts covered in the lab manual - The practice exam provided in the next pages of this document (contains the answer key in addition to all the extra pages that would be provided in a normal exam). EXAM REVIEW SESSION(S) TBA by instructor/TA EXAM COURSE POLICIES Please review the exam course policies, including all exam dates in the course syllabus. As specified in the syllabus, several lab sections may be scheduled to take their exam in an overflow exam room (section assignment/location TBA by instructor/TA).
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Page 2 of 9 CHEM 6BL Practice Exam #1 FORM A University of California, San Diego Please complete and sign I pledge that I have not used any unauthorized material on this exam. In addition, I have not provided anyone with unauthorized assistance. _____________________________ UCSD ID#:________________________________ Full Name (printed) ____________________________________ ________ _____________________________ Name (signature) Lab Section # TA Name DIRECTIONS BEFORE THE START THE EXAM You must use a #2 lead pencil (not a pen!). Only materials allowed on your desk in addition to the exam materials provided by the instructor: pencils, erasers, a non-graphing, non-programmable calculator, your UCSD ID (required!!!!!!) SCANTRON INFO REQUIRED FOR YOUR TEST TO BE SCORED CORRECTLY: you must blacken the circle for "TEST FORM" A ! Your test will not be rescored if you enter the wrong test form letter!!! SCANTRON INFO REQUIRED FOR YOUR TEST TO BE SCORED: Write your student ID # into the boxes below the "ID NUMBER" field with the last digit in the last box. Next, darken the bubbles in the corresponding ID fields. Note: "A" = "1” SCANTRON INFO REQUIRED: Write your Full Name and Lab Section # (in Hour/Day) DURING THE EXAM Use only SIDE 1 of the Scantron® sheet. When you have selected your answer, blacken the corresponding space on the answer sheet Any question for which more than one response has been blackened (i.e. "overvoting") will not be counted AT THE END OF THE EXAM VERIFY THAT YOUR STATEMENT OF ACADEMIC INTEGRITY IS SIGNED (on top of this page)
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