10.2SecondLawofThermodynamics - Reversible /Irreversible...

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1 Second Law of Thermodynamics 10.2 Entropy Quality of Heat Order / Disorder Reversible /Irreversible processes Ball drop Mechanical Energy Heat energy Irreversible process Irreversible process -proceeds spontaneously -associated with increasing disorder The reversal of an irreversible process is improbable ( even though it may be possible according to the First Law of Thermodynamics) Entropy Heat Entropy is a state function that governs the availability of heat to do work. Disorder/Order The entropy of the system is a measure of the disorder of the system. The entropy increases for irreversible (spontaneous) processes. The entropy of the universe is increasing leading to greater disorder. Irreversible Heat Flow Heat flow from high T to low T is irreversible Q The initial (a) and final (b) states have the same energy but have different ability to do work Quality of Heat Heat flows from high temperature to low temperature. High temperature sources of heat can be converted to work with higher efficiency. High temperature is a measure of the quality of the heat. T h T c Q Irreversible free expansion of a gas The gas is allowed to expand into a vacuum, in an insulated container from a to b without doing work or taking up heat. .
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10.2SecondLawofThermodynamics - Reversible /Irreversible...

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