lecture8-feb6 - Announcements Lecture 8 Assignment 2...

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Announcements Lecture 8 • Assignment 2 • Topics for today – Last time we looked at conversions within expressions – type conversions in assignment – explicit casting – typedef and sizeof operators – Start arrays 1D 2 Conversions During Assignment • For assignment, the value on the right side of the assignment is converted to the type of the variable on the left side before the assignment is done • Converting from a “larger” type to a “smaller” type may not always produce a meaningful result: int i; float f; i = f; – This assignment is meaningful only if the value of f—when converted to an integer—lies between the smallest and largest values allowed for an int variable. – If f is too large or too small, i will be assigned an apparently meaningless number ( garbage ). • Recall that the conversion of a floating-point number to an integer is done by dropping the fractional part of the number (not by rounding to the nearest integer) 3 Conversion During Assignment i = c; f = i; d = f; i = 842.97; i = -842.97; c = 10000; i = 1.0e20; f = 1.0e100; char c = ‘a’; /*97*/ int i; float f; double d; 4 Casting • Casting is used for explicit type conversion. • A cast expression has the form ( target-type-name ) expression /* it’s a unary operator */ •E x am p l e 1 : float f = 3.5, fracPart; fracPart = f - (int) f; /* fracPart is now 0.5 */ •E x am p l e 2 : int i = 5, j = 2; float f; f = i/j; /* f is now 2.0 */ •f = (float) i/j; /* f is now 2.5 - why ? */ 5
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lecture8-feb6 - Announcements Lecture 8 Assignment 2...

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