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Randell, Elizabeth English 1301.020 Ian Driscoll Essay #2 October 18, 2004 Audience Analysis My report on the No Child Left Behind Act reaches to a number of different audiences due to the fact that it touches everyone’s life and affects it in one way or another. Young adults will be interested because it is one of the major issues that is debated in the upcoming presidential elections, and voter registration among eighteen to twenty-four year olds is at some of the highest numbers it has ever been. The decisions of the Act will have a greater impact on their lives as they might be preparing for a career in the field of education, or they might have plans on starting a family of their own. I think that the biggest focus group of the essay is
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Unformatted text preview: centered at the average American adult, more specifically between the ages of about twenty-eight and fifty because they could possibly have children in the public school system. The language wont overwhelm someone that reads the local paper or that leaves the reader trying to make sense of what they just read. A big time corporate executive probably wont be very interested in the points brought up because they dont pertain to his everyday life, as his children may never attend a publicly funded school. It also is directed more specifically at residents of West Texas, as it considers the funding and programs of area schools....
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