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1 Class evaluations (20 min.) • Use number 2 pencils only. • Fill in instructor name (Boustan) and course number (Econ 183). Bubble in course ID number: 180-799-200 . • I take your opinions very seriously. If you have comments or suggestions, please fill out the open-ended section on the back of the form. • These forms are anonymous and I will not have access to them before final grades are handed in. So, please be honest. Lecture 16: California economy history • California as a microcosm of the nation – Experienced waves of internal and international migration – Leader in high school movement and mass college education – Diverse economic base: Agriculture, resources, WWII industry, knowledge work (film, computers) • But, California was also unique in some ways. Early settlers on the frontier encountered uncertainty over property rights. We’ll look at two cases: gold and water.
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A San Francisco story: The California gold rush, 1849-1852 • Around 150,000 arrivals by sea; another 150,000 by land • The importance of 1849: ’49ers football team Gold rush occurred in an institutional vacuum • Gold discovered in January 1848. Two weeks later, US- Mexican War ended, and California was ceded to United States. • Mexican law no longer in effect. US law in place, but federal government had no mining law until 1872. Mining camps set down rules to establish property rights to mining claims. • Legitimate rules of ownership needed to prevent
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California_fall2009 - Class evaluations (20 min.) Use...

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