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Data_assignment_fall2009 - Economics 183 DEVELOPMENT OF...

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Economics 183 DEVELOPMENT OF ECONOMIC INSTITUTIONS IN THE UNITED STATES Professor Leah Boustan Data Assignment (Due in class, November 12 th ) One of our goals in this class is to learn how to analyze and interpret quantitative historical evidence. This assignment will ask you to produce your own historical data. You will use socialexplorer.com, a rich new data source that allows users to create maps depicting information from the US Census. This assignment will ask you to trace patterns of change over time in two Census variables of interest for the area surrounding your home address. We will focus on three years: 1940, 1970 and 2000. Detailed set of instructions : (This section explains how to use socialexplorer.com) 1. Go to http://www.socialexplorer.com/ . Click on the “Maps” tab on the top of the page. Click on the link in the middle of the page that says “Census 1790-2000.” This link will bring you to the default map of the United States, which illustrates population density information from the 2000 Census. 2. Let’s focus on your home address. Click on the “find” button at the top of the map. A dialog box will pop up. Enter your home address onto the find line. A map will appear,
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