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Carnegie Mellon University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 18-100 Fall 2007 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Homework 3 - Due Tuesday, September 25 NOTE: These problem numbers are all from the REVISED problem sections that have been posted to the blackboard. DO NOT USE THE PROBLEMS STRAIGHT OUT OF YOUR TEXTBOOK! You need to download the .pdf files from the webpage prior to doing this set. EXAM I is on Thursday, September 27 during lecture time. If you would like to compare your solutions to this set with our posted solutions, you should photocopy your set prior to handing it in as we will not have this set graded and returned to
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Unformatted text preview: you before the exam. 1. Problem 4.1 2. Problem 4.9 3. Problem 4.10 4. Problem 4.13 Please solve this circuit using superposition. We already did this circuit in lecture using Nodal Analysis, so you should have the answer in your notes to compare. 5. Problem 4.15 6. Problem 4.7 7. Problem 4.6 8. Problem 4.8 Solve for the Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits as seen between the terminals where Vo is marked in this problem. You need not feel forced to use superposition as the problem states, but you may do so if you choose. 9. Problem 4.21...
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