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Carnegie Mellon University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 18-100 Fall 2007 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Homework 8 - Due Tuesday, November 13 NOTE: These problem numbers are all from the REVISED problems for Chapter 9 and Appendix A that have been posted to the blackboard. DO NOT USE THE PROBLEMS STRAIGHT OUT OF YOUR TEXTBOOK! You need to download the .pdf file from the webpage prior to doing this set. In the problems from chapter 9, do not worry about identifying the logic gate. Just show us a table of the output voltage, Vo, vs the input voltages with actual analog voltages in the table. Also, don’t worry about specifying noise margins, if asked. 1. Problem 9.3 (Don’t worry about the logic function, show us a table of actual
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Unformatted text preview: voltages.) 2. Problem 9.4 (Don’t worry about the logic function, show us a table of actual voltages.) 3. Problem 9.8 4. Problem 9.14 For this problem don’t do parts a) and b) as asked, instead, make a table of Vout vs. VA, VB, and VC with the LED/resistor portion that is outside the dotted lines OFF of the circuit first, then put it back on and re-evaluate Vout with it ON the circuit. 5. Problem 9.6. For this one, again, don’t worry about the logic function. Make a table of the voltage at F for all combinations of input voltages at A, B, C, and D where those input voltages can be either 0v or 5v. You can assume the transistors are either in cutoff or saturated for this problem. 6. Problem A.7 7. Problem A.4 8. Problem A.3 9. Problem A.2...
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