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12-100 Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall 2006 Project 2. “Another Brick in the Wall” Schedule Distribution of project description October 11 Practice for wall construction October 18 (scheduled 15 minutes/team) Bid document submission October 23, 5:00 pm Wall construction October 25 and 27 Presentation of oral reports November 3 Submission of written reports November 6, 5:00 pm Introduction This project is an exercise in construction planning and scheduling. Your group is a construction company bidding on a project for Pink Floyd Properties; Professor Oppenheim is the President of Pink Floyd and Chris Weber ([email protected]; PH A1; x 85550) is the Project Manager. Your group must choose a construction plan, prepare a cost estimate and schedule for the project, and then execute the construction. To generate the cost estimate your group must determine the tasks needed to complete the project, the sequence and durations of those tasks, the schedule of those tasks, and the material quantities. Remember that some tasks cannot be started until other tasks are completed (one task must precede the other), whereas some tasks can proceed in parallel. The construction schedule must be submitted as a Gantt chart prepared using Microsoft Project; the Gantt chart will identify when tasks are scheduled to start, when they are scheduled to end, and when the entire project will end. From this project, you will learn some of the important aspects of construction planning and management. This project has four parts: 1. Determine cycle times for the tasks during a practice session. 2. Generate and evaluate alternate construction plans, select your proposed plan, and submit the cost estimate and schedule (the bid document) for your plan. 3. Perform the construction, competing against your own predicted schedule. 4. Conduct further study to determine if you would revise your schedule were you to repeat the project. Problem Description The project your group will bid and construct is a brick wall, as depicted in Figure 1. It is nominally 64 inches long, equivalent to eight bricks positioned end-to-end, 8 inches thick, corresponding to two wythes of brick, and approximately 16 inches high, corresponding to six courses of brick. The owner (Pink Floyd Properties) wants the wall to be built at lowest cost, abd requires that the project be completed within 12 minutes. As with any construction project, you will provide the owner with a sealed and confidential bid document that states how much it will cost and how long it will take to build the wall. The owner has obtained engineering estimates of the cost and time required for the construction process, which will not be revealed to the bidders, and the owner expects that all responsive bids should be near those estimates. In any event, you will be required to execute the project according to your own schedule and specifications.
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Figure 1. Sketch of wall (NTS) The wall must be solid; you cannot leave out any bricks or blocks. Within each wythe the bricks
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12-100proj2 - 12-100 Introduction to Civil and...

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