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Homework 3 - CSC4402 Homework 3 I Due Wednesday Following...

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CSC4402 Homework 3 Due Wednesday September 30, 2009 I. Following is the logical schema for the Professor-Student database, describing professors, students, and the relationship "serving-on-the committee" between the professors and students. The primary key fields are underlined : Prof: ( Pnum Pname City Dept) for Professors St: ( Snum Sname City Dept Degree Major_Pnum) for Students Com: ( Snum Pnum Hours) for committees In the above database, the data type for the Hours attribute in table C is SMALLINT, and all other attributes have data type CHAR. Note that the attribute "Major_Pnum" denotes the Pnum for the stu- dent’s major professor and thus it is a foreign key in table St. Assume that every professor serves on one or more committees and every student has a committee of one or more professors. The student’s major professor must be in his/her committee. Write CREATE TABLE statements to create the database for the above scheme (pay attention to the primary key and foreign key clauses).
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