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Homework 4 - CSC4402 Homework4 Due Wednesday The following...

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Unformatted text preview: CSC4402 Homework4 Due Wednesday 10-7-2009 The following is the schema for a database about a company and its employees, projects, training courses offered, employee’s participation in the projects, and course enrollments (the primary key attributes are underlined ): CM (Company) (DIVISION DEPT BUDGET) EM (Employee, his home city, and the department to which he belongs) ( SSN NAME CITY PHONE DEPT SALARY) PR (Project, project director, the location of the project, and the department conducting the project) ( Pnum DIRECTOR_SSN CITY DEPT) EP (Employees in Project) ( Pnum SSN ) CR (Course offered) ( Cnum CNAME TEACHER_SSN) ER (Enrollment) ( Cnum SSN GRADE) The data type for BUDGET, GRADE and SALARY is INTEGER, all other attributes have data type CHAR(30). Each department has one or more employees and conducts zero or more projects. An employee can take zero or more courses and work in zero or more projects (including the projects con- ducted by other department). Each project has one or more employees working on it, and each course hasducted by other department)....
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