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CSC 7103 20090910

CSC 7103 20090910 - Tasks are low priority and cannot...

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CSC 7103 9/10/2009 Page 1 of 2 TinyOS The project will be developed using TOSIM (TinyOS Simulator). We will use TinyOS 1.1. GraphViz can be used for a visual simulation of the code. “Hurry up and sleep” to conserve battery power. Kernel is very simple – it has a task queue that operates as a FIFO, and an interrupt queue to handle interrupts. We will be looking at the “TOS component interfaces” and the “Application specific components”. AppM.nc App.nc Wire ‘post’ this is when a command is put in the task queue. Once a task is ‘posted’, an event must be signaled so that the task handler knows that a task is available. When a task completes either a ‘callback’ or ‘signal’ is sent to notify completion. Events are interrupts *Hardware interrupts can preempt tasks* Tasks cannot preempt other tasks.
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Unformatted text preview: Tasks are low priority and cannot interrupt a higher priority item. ‘asyn’ keyword defines a task ask asynchronous. An ‘asyn’ task can only preempt other ‘asyn’ tasks. ‘nesC’ is the language used for programming modules. They are turned into C code, then into assembly. Wiring: “user”.interface “provider”.interface myApp.Timer FastClocker.Timer myApp.Timer FastClocker (.Timer is implied) It would be wise to use atomic statements when building buffers. But don’t use them too frequently (or in a sequence) or this defeats the purpose of sharing the processor. Also make sure they run quickly. Example: Crossbow (xbow.com) Make Motes for Sensor nodes AM_INTMSG = Active Message Interrupt Message CSC 7103 9/10/2009 Page 2 of 2...
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CSC 7103 20090910 - Tasks are low priority and cannot...

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