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CSC 7103 20091013

CSC 7103 20091013 - First part will be definitions –...

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CSC 7103 10/13/2009 Page 1 of 2 Study Group - 5:00 PM 144 Coates Midterm Review A couple of problems based on Online Load Balancing/scheduling algorithms Know the Greedy Algorithm on Identical Machines and its competitive level. Slowfit Algorithm should read l j (k). Right above it make all l i (j) read l j (i). Know key points in the proof – we are showing it is not possible for all machines to be overloaded, but the calculations show there is at least one machine that is underloaded. We run the slow fit but guessing a value of A and doubling each time it fails to achieve the right value for A. This approach does not hurt us because the optimal algorithm is almost failing as much as you are. Using this observation you should be able to bound slow fit with the optimal and show that it is still somewhat competitive. Think about a formal way to prove this with a parameterized algorithm and a constant C. Questions on the exam 4-5 problems max on the exam
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Unformatted text preview: First part will be definitions – definitions of concepts and design issues surrounding those concepts. This will be ~30-40% of the total of the exam. Multicasting sequence type problem (similar to first sample problem) Leader election is important (1-2 problems). Don’t forget Dr. Bush’s talk. Synchronous and Asynchronous algorithms are important. Distributed mutual exclusion Raymond’s Algorithm (or the advanced version – path compression) Scheduling problem – We may be asked to competitive factor given machines and jobs. Stone’s algorithm Questions like what is the difference between leader election and mutual exclusion. Look at sample problems!!! Misc Slowfit is not the same as greedy. Slowfit gets a list of candidates and we choose the lowest index. Greedy just chooses the smallest sum of load. Provide answer to A,B,C of Sample problem 3 by 10/20/09 for 5 bonus points. CSC 7103 10/13/2009 Page 2 of 2...
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CSC 7103 20091013 - First part will be definitions –...

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