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BasicTopics - Basic Java Topics Checklist LECTURE 1 Do...

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Basic Java Topics Checklist
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LECTURE 1 Do HelloWorld prints cmd line parms in class TERM: methods=procedures=functions=subroutines TERM: program vs. class(disk) vs. object(memory) Every piece of code is a class, but a class may be only a data structure. So a "program" is a class that "runs" (for now means has a main()). Navigate to Java Class Library documentation and make it a "favorite" Eclipse directory hierarchy changing font in Eclipse changing brace style in Eclipse System.out, System.in, System.err (typical in software architectures) storage picture (only 3 places in memory things can be!) why PICTURES are important ("misapproximation" of structure is often the source of errors) follow load of memory as HelloWorld is executed. TERM: static=global=common=shared in static storage, Class name becomes part of the field name to avoid ambiguity. e.g. in System.out, the "out" field is in static memory, not
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