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TestingLab2TherapistGUI - Testing ECE309 Lab2...

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Testing ECE309 Lab2 - TherapistGUI (Spring 2010)
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Run TherapistGUI . GUI should be displayed showing: On the top row: askButton, questionLabel, questionTextField, answerLabel, answerTextField In the center area: textArea On the bottom row: errorLabel, errorTextField, logButton GUI should have these attributes: User prompts should appear in textArea when GUI comes up Prompts should tell the user to close window to end the session Can't type in answerTextField Can't type in textArea Can't type in errorTextField Label of log button shows name of log file and indicates it will log "selected" text GUI objects do not disappear if screen is made narrow Font size in text fields and textArea is larger than default size and is easily readable. When window is closed, command line returns. When question is entered, reply from threapist appears in answerTextField. Conversation should show in the textArea, one line per Q&A pair
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