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Interface Example - The Jet Engine The JetEngine Class We have software components on our aircraft that control the operation of corresponding mechanical components, one example being the jet engines. Below is a picture of the JetEngine class/object showing a sample of its various methods. JetEngine getRPM() setRPM() getFuelRate() openCovers() stopEngine() lockFanBlades() startEngine()
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Airplane Applications There are several applications that run on the airplane that need access to the JetEngine. 1. CabinInformationConsole This is a display in the passenger cabin that shows interesting information about the engine: how much fuel it is burning, how many RPM it is turning, how fast we are going, etc. 2. PilotCommandCenter This is the application at the in the pilot cabin that actually controls the operation of the engine while in flight. 3. MaintenenceConsole This is a console that the ground crew uses when doing maintenance on the engine between flights.
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How to provide required access, yet provide protection? All of the JetEngine methods must be public, since they are all accessed by external
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JetEngine - Interface Example - The Jet Engine The...

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