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Unformatted text preview: Article #2 Summary The article Battlefield discusses how scientists argue each other’s work and poses a question to what line the scientists can cross without getting personal about the critiques. Generally, new articles posted about experimental finds start a debate among scientists around the world. After a new article is published, scientists that are interested do new experiments to find conclusions that either support or oppose the findings discussed in the article. The problem is how the scientists go about reporting their new results. Some email the authors of the previous articles personally, while others write to the publishers of the article. Some people believe that this method of sharing scientific finds is very harsh and will try to deter people from publishing new results. However, others believe that it is very important to be able to critic and add to other people’s research. The main issue is that scientists are afraid that the results of the experiments found in the new articles are incorrect and may influence bad decisions involving political...
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