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Biodiversity Article 1 The article discusses humans’ destruction of the earth will eventually back lash and make us suffer. Nature is more powerful than man and we as humans can only manipulate it so much before it starts to turn on us. One way nature will reciprocate is by famine, infection diseases, and natural disasters. Global climate change causes famine. Climate change is changing the distribution of rainfall. The tropical areas are receiving less rain and there is more rain in the temperate areas. This affects food production and can lead to famines. Another way that nature can be harmful to us is through infectious diseases. Humans are manipulating the ecosystems with cross-species. With this, diseases can develop such as bird flu. These diseases spread through habitats for non-natural animals. These diseases can mutate from animal diseases into human illnesses.
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Unformatted text preview: A third form is by natural disasters. Natural disasters over the past years have become stronger and more frequent in nature. The numbers of hurricanes, droughts, volcanoes, and sink holes are increasing and humans cannot do anything to prevent them. A way to prevent these three detrimental occurrences is that we need to reduce our abuse to the planet. We need to control out CO2 emissions and our development of unnatural plants and animals. We need to learn how to respect the earth and lower our chemical use. The author hopes that the later generations will be smarter and more accepting of the earth and to be more resourceful to greener products and protecting the health of the earth. We are made up of the ingredients of which the earth is made up. The health of the planet relates to our own health and our civilization’s future....
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