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Biodiversity Article Critique In the article titled Nature in the Suburbs , the author writes about the increasing numbers of wildlife. Humans have destroyed animal habitats for the sake of their own homes and neighborhoods. Humans have invaded the territories of wildlife and instead of animals dying; there are more of them than ever. These animals with lost homes are interested in our suburban areas. There are two reasons why the animals are in such large numbers. First, natural reforestation is occurring as farming crops is becoming less popular. The second is suburbanization, which is areas that are outside of the city that have settings that attract animals. For example, people set up bird houses and grow gardens and local towns create ponds. One example of wildlife that is overpopulated is deer. There are about twenty five million deer in the United States. Some people are bothered by deer because they eat their garden vegetables while others enjoy watching them. Deer can cause a lot of problems in suburbs because they attract other dangerous animals such as coyotes. Also, the numbers of deer ticks increase, these ticks may carry Lyme disease.
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Biodiversity Article Critique - Biodiversity Article...

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