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The article, Free Enterprise Protects the Environment , discusses the differences of environmental protection with regards to economic systems. Instead of the environment being protected equally throughout every nation, the countries that have the highest amount of capitalism are the ones that are excelling in environmental protection. Generally, people living under free-market capitalism can afford to invest in techniques and methods of environmental protection. The author believes that anti-capitalist nations try to trick their citizens in believing that their nation is improving the protection of the earth. Also, that these countries are poorer so they have to use the earth’s resources in order to survive. The author also argues that as nations grow wealthier, the quality of living go up, new technological advances are used to protect the earth, not destroy it. The environmental movement has many supporters and is supported, according to the author, by “junk science”. His issue is that scientists hypothesize and use selected evidence
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Unformatted text preview: to help support their claims. Command and control systems are only invested in power, not helping society. Conversely, big businesses in the free-enterprise system are helping, not hurting the environment. Big businesses are generating wealth and redistributing them to developing countries. This, in turn, will help the environment because these countries can give back their wealth with investing in environmental protection methods. Environmental conferences are influenced by communist and sot ideas. Many economists believed that the USSR had a stable economic policy that was very strong. However, it could never support environmental protection. In order for environmentalists to be supported, they must look towards capitalist countries. The New World Order which is a plan to organize a group that controls all energy use, technology, resource management, and redistribution of wealth. This would rid the world of capitalism and free enterprise....
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