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Climate Change Article 2

Climate Change Article 2 - There are also many new...

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Climate Change Article 2 Scientists and the press all believe that global warming is occurring. The controversy is over whom is causing the .7-degree warming trend since 1970. Although scientists believe that at least seventy percent of the global warming issue is caused by human activity. The other thirty percent estimate is caused by solar output. NASA scientists have proved that the temperature on Mars is growing warmer because its polar icecaps have been melting. This shows that human activity is not the only reason why the earth is getting warmer. There are several ways in which human activity can decrease global warming. For instance, technology has helped. New ways to save on energy such as oil and electricity have been developed. Also, new “green” energy savers have been produced cheaper, such as solar power.
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Unformatted text preview: There are also many new developments to save the earth that are not being used to their advantages. The majority of people are not purchasing “green” products, which in turn, is counterproductive in saving the environment because people are spending a lot of money in these product’s developments, but they are not being pursued. There are also political problems that accompany these environmental issues. The Kyoto Protocol works against nations that produce their products and services using energy efficient methods. It is not fair to force industrial countries to control their global emissions when underdeveloped countries are not forced. There are many ways in which to prevent further global warming but they are very expensive and politically debated....
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