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Genetic Engineering Article 1 Scientific studies of a person’s DNA can reveal diseases and illnesses that a person may develop in their lifetime. The article Your Genome, Yourself discusses companies that test a participant’s genetics and reveal his or her results over the internet. People volunteer for this “cutting edge” science because it can tell a person’s future development of a disease. For example, if a person was curious to know if they will develop colon cancer later in their life, they can send in saliva to a company’s lab, such as 23andMe or Navigenics. After testing, the lab will allow the person to look at his or her results on the company’s website. Many people believe that this operation is controversial for many different reasons. Supporters of this procedure believe that the study of genomes and their correlation to diseases is a good thing because it informs people of diseases that they may later have. If a person finds out they are prone
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Unformatted text preview: to heart disease through this operation, they can make a decision early to eat better and exercise more and possibly prevent the heart disease. Also, supporters argue that it isn’t ethically right to prohibit a person from getting this research done because the information might be able to change a person’s life. However, other people believe that it is a possibility that people can interpret the results incorrectly and prepare for unnecessary illnesses or not prepare enough. Many of these new labs do not have physicians trained to explain the results, therefore, information may be unclear and people can jump to conclusions. Also, people argue the effectiveness of this new science. Researchers do not know enough information on this study’s accuracy in predicting diseases by DNA yet to market these new companies effectiveness. People that oppose these new labs believe that the better way to find out if they are prone to diseases is family history....
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