In my application essay

In my application essay - In my application essay, I...

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In my application essay, I explained how I thought study abroad would help me gain the confidence to speak Spanish to native speakers. Study abroad did just that. For six weeks, I studied abroad in Cadiz, Spain. I chose to go to Spain because I wanted to finish my Spanish minor early. I also chose study abroad to add to my resume. Study abroad was the best decision I have ever made. In Spain, many things are different. It opened my eyes to a totally different way of living. It has also taught me how to be more open-minded and to try different things such as eating new foods or listening to different music (even though you think you might not like it). This summer was my first time being away from home for longer than a vacation period and I enjoyed every minute of it. When I first met my “Madre”, I was exhausted, dehydrated, and hungry from the long travel period. I felt absolutely miserable to say the least. However, my Madre greeted me with open arms and gave me kisses and hugs and reassured me that I would be taken care of for the next six weeks. When I first arrived at my house, she showed me my room and let me unpack before she took me to a restaurant for lunch. We ordered tapas and coca-cola. This was the first time I tried Spanish food and I liked it very much. My relationship with my Madre grew from there. I thought of my Madre as my mom away from home. She was very attentive to my needs and was always helpful with any questions I had. She was very generous with her home. Another thing that I enjoyed about my home in particular was that my Madre hosted other study abroad students. I met two different girls from California in different programs. It was nice having other girls (who spoke English as well) in the house and were in the same boat as I was. This allowed me to explore Cadiz more because I met new people and was able to experience things with a different crowd other than Monmouth students. The food served in my house was not that strange. Everyday for breakfast, I ate toast with butter and
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In my application essay - In my application essay, I...

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