The Museum of Modern Art - The Museum of Modern Art I chose...

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The Museum of Modern Art I chose the Museum of Modern Art because I’ve never been there before. I thought it would be different to see more current pieces because we study old ones in class. The Museum of Modern Art was amazing. It was very big and had a lot of things to look at. I saw about three or four floors. I enjoyed looking at the photography exhibit that was set up. I really liked seeing some of the paintings we’ve studied in person. I always went up close to the paintings to see the brush strokes. The museum was very crowded when I went. There were tons of schools there for class trips. I also saw tons of people from all different cultures and countries that spoke different languages there as well. It really showed me that art is something that everyone around the world can enjoy. The following three paintings are the paintings I liked the most. The paintings that are being reviewed are Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso, Map by Jasper Johns, and Cat and Bird by Paul Klee. The first painting I chose was Pablo Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror . We also studied this painting for chapter five in the book. The painting is constructed by oil on canvas. The painting stands over five feet in height. Girl Before a Mirror is of a woman, who seems to be pregnant, standing in front of a mirror. The woman and the mirror- image take up the whole painting. This will make the scale of the woman larger than life- size because only the top half of the woman is shown. The painting has a symmetrical balance. It is cut on a vertical line in the center by the left post of the mirror. The woman is standing on the left and the mirror image of the woman is on the right. The mirror image looks a lot different than the actual woman. Picasso uses warm colors to paint the woman and cooler colors to paint the mirror image. Picasso is trying to show us
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something from inside the woman looking into the mirror. For example, the mirror image may portray her thoughts or her soul. The painting has unity in many different instances. One example is the fact that the woman in the mirror some-what portrays the woman on
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The Museum of Modern Art - The Museum of Modern Art I chose...

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