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The United States Needs Border Control - The United States...

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The United States Needs Border Control America is known as the melting pot. Our country was founded by immigration. It was once a place where one could start a new life. People from all over the world traveled to the Americas in search of many useful things such as resources and gold back in the 1400s. The Irish came because of the potato famine. Others came to escape from religious oppression. America, as it once was, is still an escape for people today. Immigrants from all over come to start a new life. Immigrants come to our country with very little belongings and not a lot of money to spend. Most Americans have homes, families, and a stable income. Paul Krugman states that we are currently living in a “Guilded Age” and that “one of the things making anti-worker, unequalizing policies politically possible is the fact that millions of the worst paid workers can’t vote.” Paul talks about immigrants having unequal rights to Americans. Illegal immigrants should not get a chance to vote because they are not American citizens. Immigration helped develop our country in the past, now illegal immigration is hurting our country in many ways. For example, funding for education programs is one reason why illegal immigrants should not have the opportunity to vote. The crime rate has increased because of illegal immigrants also. Finally, health care policies are being raised to even out the expenses of illegal immigrants that can not afford health care. The lack of insured people in this country is one issue the candidates for presidency often discuss in the upcoming election. Each candidate addresses their solutions to the problem. Although it is possible that citizens are not insured, immigration makes up a part of the percentage. Almost ten years ago, 32.4 percent of immigrants did not have health insurance (Increasing the Ranks of the Uninsured). It is said that language
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and citizenship play a big role in receiving health insurance. Illegal immigrants are not
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