Cleopatra - Cleopatra Cleopatras personal skills, such as...

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Cleopatra Cleopatra’s personal skills, such as her effortless capability of learning and her political knowledge along with her personal qualities, such as her beauty or charm, led her to be viewed in equally positive and negative ways in the Roman and Hellenistic world. Her social status and royal family helped produce the idea that she was a woman who could threaten any man. Many people, like the Romans, did not like her because she, being the queen of Egypt, presented a threat to the Roman Empire. Cleopatra’s ambition, intelligence, sexuality, emotions, and pride helped her to become one of the most powerful leaders of that time. Cleopatra was a very intelligent woman. She was apart of the Ptolemy family, which ruled Egypt during the Hellenistic Age. It is said that the Egyptian citizens did not like the Ptolemy family because her father’s reign was full of hard labor, corruption, and greed which did not benefit the people. Cleopatra grew up in luxury and had many different resources at her disposal. She was the first of her family who spoke both the Egyptian and Greek languages. She also received a Greek education. Cleopatra studied medicine, literature, philosophy, art, and music. Cleopatra learned from all of her political surroundings and of her father’s status and power he had as pharaoh. Due to this education and knowledge, Cleopatra, as well as her siblings, longed to be in power and to control. After her father died, Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy XIII, were married and took over the family throne. After their third year of reign, her brother was persuaded to exile her to Syria. Cleopatra’s exile did not easily discourage her. She loved Egypt and would not allow her brother to stop her from being queen. Cleopatra showed ambition and determination when she got Egypt back under her control. She showed
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Cleopatra - Cleopatra Cleopatras personal skills, such as...

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