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Western Civilization Question - Western Civilization...

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Western Civilization Question #2 Rome was a very powerful civilization. They had many powers that set them apart from others. Rome had a superior army, a good economic foundation, advanced technology compared to others and strong cultural backing. Rome also creates a good infrastructure and it endures because of its good laws and the implementation of them. This world-state was prosperous only after Octavian was the emperor. He brought Rome into the Golden Age and kept it at its peak for over two hundred years. Octavian, known as Augustus, implemented a strong monarchy to bring Rome into its prime. He ended the Roman Republic and started the Empire which had just one leader and wasn’t run by the people. Augustus made many beneficial things for Rome and was loved by the people. However, during this time, the Roman Rule is clashing with the Jewish faith in Judea. The Jews start a liberation war and the Roman armies capture Jerusalem and destroy all of the temples found in the city. After this battle Jews were forbade from coming back into their city. There were also other events that gave signs of trouble in Rome. The Roman Empire show signs of weakness in their economy and society. Also as their Empire was growing, citizens were looking for other options like religion. They felt isolated and believed that their souls were trapped. They wanted to find an escape and religion looked like a good option. Along with Romans looking for answers in religion there were many barbarian attacks that were hitting the Roman walls. Germanic tribes were attacking non-stop and the Romans were beginning to break down. The armies were lacking good leadership, had a decreasing number of soldiers and there was a sense of anarchy among the Roman Military. While the Germanic tribes invaded, destroyed, and ruined farmland of other countries, the Romans began to lose faith and loyalty. This could be because they were outnumbered by German invaders but there were signs that Hellenism was breaking down. The end of the Roman Empire in the West came when the Germanic tribes were successful with their attacks and seized Rome. Many good things came from the Roman Empire. There was an understanding of laws and how to keep order in an empire. Also the Latin language came to be and was the language of the western church. Other things like sewage systems and roads were created too. The road created a way for faster transportation of trade, communication, and information. The most important thing that came out of the Roman legacy had to be the Christian Religion. Christianity was born in the Roman Empire and was influenced by its laws. Early Christianity offered the Greco-Roman world a reason to live. The origin of Christianity begins with Jesus. He was raised Jewish and he valued Jewish laws and teachings. He became a rabbi and his speaking were passed along by word of mouth. In Christianity there was a belief in the afterlife and a Messiah who would liberate Israel from
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Western Civilization Question - Western Civilization...

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