Introductio1 - Introduction Globalization is a highly...

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Introduction Globalization is a highly debated economic, political, and social topic. However, the costs outweigh the benefits. Statement of Claim Globalization has a negative impact on countries. Preview of Reasons I believe this because 1. Job losses 2. bad quality of products 3. poor working conditions Reason #1 First, globalization causes major job losses in the US. Evidence According to Louis Uchitelle, who writes in his article titled, “ Increasingly, American-Made Doesn’t Mean in the U.S.A.” in the March 19, 2004 New York Times, that “the nation’s manufacturers have shed 2.7 million American jobs since Mr. Bush took office”. All types of US firms are closing down and firing their workers and moving across borders in order to hire people to work for cheaper wages. Reason #2 Secondly, imported products are made with substandard materials. Evidence For example, children around the nation had to be hospitalized from exposure to toxic glue found in a toy which was made in China. In the November 11 th, 2007 issue of the New York Times, Keith Bradsher writes in his article “ China Confirms Poison Was on Toy Beads”
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Introductio1 - Introduction Globalization is a highly...

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