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Introduction In July 1994, 7-year-old Megan Kanka accepted an invitation from a neighbor in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, to see his new puppy. This neighbor was a twice- convicted pedophile. He raped her, murdered her, and dumped her body in a nearby park. Megan's parents said that they never would have allowed her to travel the neighborhood freely if they had known that a convicted sex offender was living acro the street. Megan's Law was later enacted in an effort to provide community notification. Statement of Claim Megan’s Law should be legal. Preview of Reasons I believe this because 1. High rate of recidivism, 2. Informative, 3. Decreases amount of sexual offenses, 4. Ease, 5. Aids police work Reason #1 First, there is a worrying high rate of re-offense among sexual predators. Evidence An article in Time Magazine titled Does a Sex Offender Have a Right to Privacy? states that “The psychosexual impulses that lead people to commit sex offenses against children are very difficult to cure or suppress, leading to a high rate of repea offenses”. So, although sex offenders can not be kept in prison indefinitely, and som will be successfully rehabilitated there is a need for more caution and awareness tha with released criminals whose offences were petty and whose risk of committing the crime again is low. Sex offenders are therefore a special case which demands a spec measure- national registration. Reason #2 Secondly, society at large needs to be informed of the whereabouts of sex offenders after they are release from prison so that it can take appropriate precautions and be
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fully informed. Evidence Sex offenders, after they are released from prison, register with a local police station whenever they move to a new area. An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer titled Expanded Megan’s Law Offers Wider Information to Parents states that “residents will have access to information on the offenders such as physical descriptions, licen plate numbers, and whether their crimes were against minors”. Parents, local residents, and schools are informed by police when an offender moves to a new area Reason #3 Thirdly, it decreases the amount of sexual offenses. Evidence
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Introductio2 - Introduction Statement of Claim Preview of...

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