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On September 17, 1925, Frida and her boyfriend, Alex, got onto a bus to come home from school. The bus got hit broadside by a tramcar. As a result of the accident, Frida got severe injuries. She suffered from a broken pelvic bone and spine, along with many other injuries. She stayed bed-ridden for several months recovering from the accident. Frida will have about thirty operations throughout her lifetime due to the accident. She started painting during her recovery. Her father was an artist who influenced her when he gave her his paints and brushes. She painted herself, her friends, and still life. She painted herself because she was afraid she would die young and never be remembered. This picture is a sketch of the bus accident she suffered from. In the background, there is a sun and trees lining the background. It shows the bus and tramcar crash. There are a lot of bodies lying on the
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Unformatted text preview: ground near the bus and car. There is one person that might be crying over a body. In the foreground, there is a sketch of what looks like a hospital. Frida is wearing a full body cast and is placed on a stretcher. She looks like she is heading toward the hospital. A man wearing a helmet is looking over her. There is a lot of chaos and devastation shown in this sketch. It is a very straightforward picture. There are dead bodies and injured people lying on the ground near the crash. A person is crying over a body. It shows how the crash affected her because here she is shown in a body cast and she had to live in a body cast for a long time after the crash in real life. I think the man looking over Frida was the man that rescued her from the bus....
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