Grounds For Sculpture - Grounds For Sculpture I went to the...

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Grounds For Sculpture I went to the Grounds For Sculpture in early February. It rained earlier that day so the ground was still muddy and soggy. Also, there was not a lot of plants growing. It felt deserted. I brought my friend, Kelly, with me. She doesn’t go to Monmouth, but she enjoys art. I thought it would be a good idea because she can give a different perspective on the sculptures than I can come up with. We enjoyed our time at the park. We only spent about forty five minutes there because it started to rain again. The park was bigger than I thought it would be. There were also exhibits inside buildings, but I did not get a chance to look at them. During my trip, I found pieces I liked and disliked. The three I liked the most were Depression Bread Line by George Segal, Termite Hills by Steve Tobin, and Standing Figure from Woman in the Sun by Leonda Fink. I really liked Depression Bread Line by George Segal. I stumbled upon this piece because it’s very hidden behind bushes. It is made out of cast bronze. The whole piece is the same color of silver. There are five men all of different heights in a line in front of a brick wall. It is very life-like. The scene is heavier on the left because all of the men are lined up there. The men are all various sizes of real humans. The line starts at a door. The door is as tall as a door would normally be. The sculptor uses rhythm by having all the men stand and face to the right. They are dressed for colder weather, all wearing hats and coats. I first noticed the expression on the men’s faces. I believe the focal points are the men’s expressions because they each have a lot of detail. The faces portray pain and
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Grounds For Sculpture - Grounds For Sculpture I went to the...

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