Raphael Lemkin - Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jewish legal...

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Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jewish legal scholar, first pieced the term “genocide” together by the Latin and Greek roots “genos” meaning family or race and “-cide” meaning massacre in 1945 ( preventgenocide.com ). Generally, the definition of genocide is a mass killing of people based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. Genocide has been carried out throughout many parts of our world. The Holocaust and the Rwanda Genocide were both demoralizing wars, which caused a lot of despair in the victims. The Holocaust and the Rwanda Genocide share many similarities but are also very different. The Holocaust is the name applied to the organized state-sponsored persecution and genocide of the Jews of Europe along with other groups during WWII by Nazi Germany. The word holocaust is a Greek word meaning “entire burnt offering”. The Jews of Europe were the main victims of the Holocaust in what the Nazis called the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” (Berenbaum, 1). At the time of WWII, Germany was regarded as the most civilized country in the world and the Jews were among its important citizens. They held positions of influence in every field including military and others. Anti-Semitism was common in Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The Holocaust was justified by claiming that the victims were sub-humans who were both biologically inferior and a challenge to the superiority of the Aryans (Bard, 18). Hitler was the dictator that authorized the mass killing. Adolf Hitler’s book, Mein Kampf, included everything on his foreign policy, “superior” Aryan race, and his accusation of the Jews being the source of evil (Fleming, x-xvi). This book became very popular during his dictatorship. He was one of the most honest politicians, carrying out what he had promised to his country. Nazi Germany attempted to put into operation Adolf Hitler’s final solution for the Jews, killing 6 million Jews in its path. The Holocaust lasted over many years. It first started with restrictions and ended with a mass extermination. Shortly after Hitler became dictator, the Nazis organized a one-day boycott of all the Jewish-owned business in Germany. The Nuremberg laws were soon passed which banned Jews from all professional jobs, which effectively prevented them from exerting any influence in education, politics, higher education, and industry (Adler, 16-25). Jews were required to wear the stars of David to easily identify them too. The Jews were resettled from their homes into ghettos. They did this because they needed to make more room for the Germans. Ghettos were enclosed areas by barbed wire and a brick wall, which was guarded by German soldiers. Ghettos confined the Jews. Thousands of Jews died of starvation, malnutrition, and disease. Later, they
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Raphael Lemkin - Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jewish legal...

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