320Fall09Homework5_key - Cell Biology (BIO 320), Fall 2009,...

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Cell Biology (BIO 320), Fall 2009, Dr. Bushart Homework set #5 1. Why is it crucial that the signal peptide is removed after translocation of a soluble lumen protein of the ER? The signal peptide is a hydrophobic region that remains inserted in the membrane through laterally gating of the translocator (Sec61). If it is not removed then the protein as a whole remains bound to the membrane by its signal sequence and cannot be freely soluble. 2. A particular ER protein contains an internal non-cleavable ER signal sequence. This sequence is flanked by positive charges towards the N-terminus and negative charges on the C-terminal side. There are 4 other regions of significant positive value on a hydropathy plot. a. Give a rough sketch of the protein based on its description. Be sure to appropriately label the ends of the protein as C and N. This protein will be a transmembrane protein embedded in the ER. Based on the charges around the signal sequence the N-terminus will be in the cytosol (the picture should have the sides of the membrane labeled as well). The 4 hydrophobic regions (based on the hydropathy) will be transmembrane passes. The peptide chain therefore crosses the membrane a total of 5 times. This puts the C-terminus in the lumen of the ER. b. Is the last hydrophobic region acting as a start or stop transfer? How do you know (or is it not possible to determine?)? The last region is a start transfer. We can know this because it is only the order of regions that matters. The initial orientation of the signal peptide establishes it as a normal start transfer [unlike the figure in the book]. The new part of the polypeptide
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320Fall09Homework5_key - Cell Biology (BIO 320), Fall 2009,...

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