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Yeuan-Shyuan(James) Cheng 301001191 CMPT 165 Assignment: Decipher the meaning of Marshall McLuhan’s famous phrase “The medium is the message” “The medium is the message” is a famous phrase quoted from Marshall McLuhan. The basic meaning is that the form of a medium people chose to spread its message influences how the message is perceived. This influence is far greater than the content of message itself. The fact that any human information exchange behavior is follow by the three essential aspects: the dispatcher, the information, and the recipient. Without any of these three aspects, it is impossible to exchange messages. Therefore, the dispatcher (medium) acts an important role during the information exchange. For example, the
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Unformatted text preview: process of watching television, it influences our life more than its content; people might forget about the information, perhaps that news report showing at six o’clock; however, everyone will remember to take his or her time off to watch the news every day. This medium, the television, has change people’s life more than its content has brought to people. Another great example is the popular internet. It changes our life. It changes the way people receive message. Yet the message one received from internet might be bias due to the anonymity characteristic of the medium....
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