mt - CMPT 165 Midterm • You have 50 minutes to complete...

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Unformatted text preview: CMPT 165 Midterm • You have 50 minutes to complete this exam. • Please hand in all answers on the question paper or multiple choice answer sheet. You must hand in both the question sheet and multiple choice answer sheet. • There is a total of 46 points on this exam; points for each question are indicated. • Read through the entire exam before you begin. • There are 8 pages ( not counting this page); make sure you have them all. • No books, calculators or any other aids are allowed. • All “Figures” are at the back of the exam. • If you don’t think there is enough information to answer a question, make a reasonable assumption that allows you to answer the question and note it beside your answer. Name: Student Number: 3 CMPT 165 Midterm Exam Part I: Multiple Choice [20 points] For each question below, indicate which is the best answer. Fill in the answers on the “General Purpose Answer Sheet” , not on the question paper. 1. In the XHTML fragment <a href="file.html"> , which is the value ? A. a B. href C. file.html D. None of these. 2. Each of the colours in a JPEG image is chosen from a(n)... A. 1-bit palette. B. 8-bit palette. C. 24-bit palette. D. infinite variety of colours. 3. The CSS property most likely used to create repetition on a web page is... A. list-style-type . B. line-height . C. clear . D. Any of these. 4. Which of these is not a CSS1 property? A. border-style B. width C. font-style D. All of these are CSS1 properties. 5. The representation of a particular char- acter in a font is a(n)......
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2010 for the course CMPT 165 taught by Professor Ramesh during the Spring '09 term at Simon Fraser.

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mt - CMPT 165 Midterm • You have 50 minutes to complete...

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