main - something to style. More Content Remember how your...

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BMW website 1 Series 3 Series 5 Series 7 Series X Series Z Series M Series Introduction This page will be used for Exercise 2. The goal here is to change its appearance using only CSS, not visual markup. Hopefully, you will learn some interesting techniques with HTML and CSS. Many people who have done web design before are suprised how much can be done with only HTML representing the semantics of the page and using CSS to adjust the appearance. In case you didn't notice, the course web pages have several “alternate style sheets†which can be selected to radically change the appearance of the page. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer doesn't support alternate style sheets, so you won't see these unless you're using Mozilla or another standards-compliant browser. In Mozilla, you can use alternate style sheets by selecting “Use style†from the “View†menu. The text on this page isn't here for any particular reason. You don't have to read it. It's just here to give you
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Unformatted text preview: something to style. More Content Remember how your assignment 1 had to be about something? Well, that would have been a good idea for this page as well. Since it isn't really about anything , it's probably not all that good a read. Maybe a picture would help. Figure 1: Doesn't this make you happy? Actually, while we're talking about things Internet Explorer doesn't do, here are some others: alpha channels in PNG images the application/xml+xhtml MIME type position: fixed in CSS attribute selectors in CSS properly implement the CSS box model Mozilla does all of these properly. The design method suggested in Designing With Web Standards is to start with a standards compliant browser and work backwards to quirks with older browsers. With modern web browsers, this is sound advice. Return to Exercise 2 . Last modified December 2003....
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main - something to style. More Content Remember how your...

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