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Case 4 – General Motors Defense Margaret Fiorentino Issue Identification – Should General Motors place a solo bid or a bid as a joint venture for the new armored vehicles needed by the US Army. Issue Analysis GM is the world’s largest vehicle manufacturer; make, design and market worldwide. Less then 1% of their annual sales comes from their defense sector (GMD). They have been proven to manufacture armored vehicles and turrets with great quality. Their vehicles have been used in many operations worldwide. Their weapons and electronics operations are also well known around the world. The GMD executive director Bill Pettipas has a lot of experience in the military field, as he was in the Canadian military for 28 years and has been with GMD for a number of years. Thus, he has a lot of valuable experience that he could bring in this situation. Their competition whom might place a solo bid is General Dynamics, who is a leading company in the defense sector and has larger annual sales in defense then GMD. GD shares the market with United Defense.
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