23 - Advanced Book Exchange Summary

23 - Advanced Book Exchange Summary - Case 23: Advanced...

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Case 23: Advanced Book Exchange Assessing the performance of the Internet-based used bookstore Advanced Book Exchange (Abebooks) demonstrated that in order to uphold their objectives to grow as a business, a suitable course of action would be to act early and pursue a strategy of continued growth through geographic diversification into Latin America. This course of action will provide Abebooks with obtaining a first-mover advantage into that market, which was the foundation of their success in the early years of operation. Reinforcing the first-mover advantage was the brand name that Abebooks has been able to develop and therefore expanding into Latin America will intensify their name recognition. Furthermore, Abebooks should look towards gaining financial capital from a bank in order to fund this expansion. They may also have the option to slightly increase their transaction fee per bookseller given the fees Abebooks charges are quit low relative to their competitors. Analyzing Abebooks’ internal processes reveals a supportive decision to successfully expand into the Latin America market. The management style is cohesive with making the necessary adjustments in order to position the firm as a dominant player within the market. Growth of the business is necessary in order to achieve increased revenues and market share and therefore it is imperative that management be fully capable of taking the company to the next level as a whole. The founding team possesses the technical know-how and the years of experience in the antiquarian book trade, which in turn has fostered the success of the company. There are 80 employees situated at their home office in Victoria, BC that contribute to the success of Abebooks as they are motivated, patient and committed to delivering exceptional service and quality to their customers. The scope of Abebooks is the global marketplace and it is their focus on the used-and-rare book niche that has allowed them to compete directly with the giant player in the online book selling industry such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and most importantly, their main competitor, Alibris. Their business Chianello, L. 206047740 Page 1 of 4
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23 - Advanced Book Exchange Summary - Case 23: Advanced...

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