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23 - Advanced Book Exchange

23 - Advanced Book Exchange - Case 23 Advanced Book...

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Case 23: Advanced Book Exchange: Geographic Growth of an Internet-Based Business Recommendation: Abebooks should continue to pursue a strategy of continued growth through geographic diversification especially into the Latin Americas. Rationale: Abebooks is one of the largest online used-and rear book transaction owner companies. This success can be attributed to their first moved success, as it presented them with the opportunity of using their brand to remain competitive Abebooks have a very strong and stable position within the current industry. They are economically and organizationally healthy Abebooks has a focus strategy in place that has ensured their success within this industry so far. They focus on rare and used books and thus by specializing on this niche market, have been able to maintain a strong competitive position within this industry. The Latin American market is very attractive market to expand into because there internet usage is steadily
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