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4900InternalResources - -50 employees in Special Events...

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Internal Resources Kenji – has 14 years experience in musical theatre production - employed at Fuji TV for 20 years - strong management skills and business skills (specialized skills are unique) - Japanese or Western management style? - received induction as voting member (only Asian to be given this honour) - strong network of contacts Financial - $250,000 - $500,000 spent as investment in The Secret Garden - Future productions could be larger investment, and do not guarantee they will come to Japan and chance of losing money is 70% (seven out of ten investments) - Brining Broadway show to Japan costs $7-8 million US - Sponsors to contribute about $1 million US - 1995, $1.5 million profit HR - 1300 employees at TV Asahi worldwide
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Unformatted text preview: -50 employees in Special Events Division-Special Events Division had low morale since mangers felt ‘burnt out’-Kenji Sudo and Yasu Nishimura, Vice Presidents to Theatrical Productions unit and Kenji’s assistant-Hidedata Nishimura as President -Hidedata is now retired and Kenji will be Other-Strong image from bringing Broadway musical productions to Japan and through ‘giving’ back to the community-Exclusive agreement with CNN and number of foreign news broadcasters-Yasu Kata developed excellent liaisons and contacts in Japanese theatrical industry -Tony award received for The Secret Garden investment Physical-21 international offices...
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