AP NSL Media Journal Week #2 (1)

AP NSL Media Journal Week #2 (1) - September 12, 2004 Fewer...

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September 12, 2004 Fewer states seen as key for swing vote By Dan Balz, The Washington Post WASHINGTON — President Bush's postconvention bounce in polls has left Democratic challenger John Kerry with a potentially more difficult route to an electoral-college victory than envisioned a few months ago. The Kerry campaign and Democratic Party officials face difficult choices in the coming days involving the allocation of millions of dollars of television ads and the concentration of campaign workers as they decide whether to concede some states to Bush. The president may have to do the same, but on a more limited scale. The presidential race looks closer in many of the closely contested states than some national polls suggest, a morale boost for the Democrats after Kerry's worst month of the general election. But as the number of truly competitive states has shrunk, Kerry is faced with the reality that he must pick off one of two big states that Bush won four years ago — Florida or Ohio — or capture virtually every other state still available. To do that, he must hold onto several states Al Gore won in 2000 that are now highly competitive. Kerry spent much of the summer trying to expand the number of swing states with television advertising and campaign trips to places such as Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana and Virginia. But Kerry this week dramatically scaled back the number of states in which he is running ads. Democratic strategists privately acknowledge that only a significant change in the overall race will put some of the states Kerry had sought to make competitive back into play. Hopes for victory in Missouri have diminished. Tad Devine, a senior Kerry-Edwards strategist, said the shift in advertising dollars marked a
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AP NSL Media Journal Week #2 (1) - September 12, 2004 Fewer...

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