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September 14, 2004 Florida official puts Nader back on ballot; hearing ahead By Seattle Times wire services MIAMI — Ralph Nader is back. Or is he? In a dizzying turn of events, Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood returned Nader to Florida's presidential ballot yesterday, as lawyers for the Democratic Party, the state and Nader sought emergency court hearings to settle a dispute over whether the independent candidate can appear there. Florida Circuit Court Judge Kevin Davey issued a temporary injunction last week preventing the state from putting Nader on the 2004 ballot, siding with a Democratic challenge that the Reform Party, which has endorsed Nader, did not qualify as a national party under state law. The secretary of state's office in effect reversed the ruling, telling election supervisors preparing absentee ballots that Nader is a candidate. The move infuriated Democrats, who called it "blatant partisan maneuvering." Hood is an appointee of Gov. Jeb Bush, President Bush's brother.
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