AP NSL Media Journal Week #7 (2)

AP NSL Media Journal Week #7 (2) - October 13, 2004...

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October 13, 2004 Showtime, showdown in Arizona By Bill Nichols, USA TODAY As President Bush and Sen. John Kerry go into their third and final debate Wednesday night, both men face enormous pressure in their last face-to-face opportunity to change the dynamic of a close race. Bush, some political analysts say, still needs to dispel voters' doubts after an unsteady performance in the first debate Sept. 30 in Coral Gables, Fla. Although Bush was credited with a solid showing in the second debate last week in St. Louis, the gains Kerry has seen in state and national polls in the past two weeks underline the need for Bush to come across as presidential and in command. Voters, undecided voters in particular, "are still waiting for the real George Bush to show up," says Paul Light, a political analyst at New York University. "This is his third and final opportunity to say, 'I'm in charge of things and I know what I'm doing here.' " Other analysts argue that although Kerry has pulled into a dead heat with Bush in most national polls, the first two debates have not catapulted him into a lead, putting pressure on the Massachusetts senator to achieve a knockout in his last encounter with Bush.
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AP NSL Media Journal Week #7 (2) - October 13, 2004...

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