AP NSL Media Journal Week #8 (1)

AP NSL Media Journal Week #8 (1) - Presidential Candidates...

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October 22, 2004 Presidential Candidates Aim Messages at Women By Mike Allen and Lois Romano, Washington Post Staff Writers CANTON, Ohio, Oct. 22 -- In dueling appeals to working women, President Bush cast himself Friday as a champion of struggling families and Sen. John F. Kerry called his opponent oblivious to all the middle-class dreams that have died on his watch. Bush, speaking shortly after the release of a campaign ad that used prowling wolves to represent the danger lurking from terrorism, tried to broaden his message for the few remaining undecided voters by framing the election as a stark choice about "your family security, your budget, your quality of life, your retirement, and the bedrock values that are so critical to our families and our future." "Our economy is growing at rates as fast as any in nearly 20 years," Bush said as he began his three-state day in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. "My opponent has a very different plan for your budget. He intends to take a bigger chunk out of it." Kerry, campaigning in Wisconsin, asked, "How dare this administration say this is the best economy of our lifetime?" The Massachusetts senator asserted that "for far too many women, the American dream seems a million miles away." "The simple fact is, this president is just out of touch and out of ideas," Kerry told an audience of mainly women. "He can spin until he's dizzy, but at the end of the day, who does he think American women are going to believe -- him or their own eyes?" The overt appeal to women came amid signs of a close and tightening race in which the candidates are looking for any possible advantage in the final 11 days. Bush advisers said the overture to women and other independents reflects concern in the president's campaign that he has not gotten any of the breaks he had hoped for in the closing days, notably promising news from Iraq. Kerry's campaign is anxious about solidifying his inconsistent support among women, who
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AP NSL Media Journal Week #8 (1) - Presidential Candidates...

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