Syllabus IBM 306 Winter 2010

Syllabus IBM 306 Winter 2010 - CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC...

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CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY, POMONA IBM 306 - PROFESSIONAL SELLING WINTER 2010 INSTRUCTOR: PROFESSOR JOYCE EMILIO COURSE: /IBM 306 6:00pm – 7:50pm MW TEXTBOOK: Klewer/Taylor . The Precision Selling Process, workbook and assignments for IBM 306. OFFICE HOURS: MW 4:00-5:30pm, Tues 2:45pm-3:45pm, Thursday 2:45pm-3:45pm OFFICE: 94-222 PHONE: VOICE MAIL -- 909-869-4545 IBM DEPT OFFICE: 869-2436 Blackboard COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introduction to the process of personal selling of products and services to professional buyers. Major thrust is to develop an understanding of the factors involved in effective communication and negotiation skills as used in professional selling and as an applied extension of exchange theory as espoused in the marketing concept. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The student will: 1. Research careers in professional selling. 2. Assess consumer needs, wants, and awareness, from the standpoint of sales opportunities, using a precision selling process; emphasis is on call preparation, opportunity assessment, sales strategy and precision product application/presentation. 3. Use product applications only when and where appropriate as dictated by opportunity assessment. 4. Apply the mechanics of the professional sales process by role-playing hypothetical business to business sales information gathering situations. 5. Recognize and cope with misunderstanding and resistance. 6. Recognize appropriate timing and techniques for closure on objectives. 7. Build partnerships through relationship/business-side selling. 8. Recognize and practice excellent time-management skills. 9. Utilize and improve critical thinking skills by applying the Precision Selling Process to simulated sales situations. 10. Demonstrate the ability to independently solve problems. 11. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with a team member by meeting team deadlines, contributing appropriate material, and being available for team meetings and work. GRADES: Grades will be determined on the basis of subjective observation as well as the cumulative scores of the following: Class attendance and participation 25 points (if you are late to class, you lose your attendance points) Name Game Quiz 25 points Exam #1 35 points Exam #2 35 points Write up of sales interview with successful professional sales representative who does business-to-business selling
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This note was uploaded on 01/26/2010 for the course IBM 306 taught by Professor Emilio during the Spring '08 term at Cal Poly Pomona.

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Syllabus IBM 306 Winter 2010 - CALIFORNIA STATE POLYTECHNIC...

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