PH1105 Essay - Outlining and Assessing Plato's Defence of...

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Outlining and Assessing Plato's Defence of Philosophy Understood as Critical Thinking as it is Represented in Socrates' Trial in the "Apology" When considering the assessment of critical thinking, as it was understood by Plato, we must first examine what we believe to be critical thinking. Critical thinking encompasses the ability to question openly the thoughts, feelings and actions belonging to ourselves and those surrounding us. This process involves the assessment and rational thought of an individual when approaching a topic or assumption held; by rationalising the presuppositions held by the person being analysed, critical thinking may be applied to question the suitableness of the action or reaction practiced within a given situation. Explaining critical thinking in this way could be better defined by example. You are invited by a friend to join a social group which encourages fighting. You decline, so your friend asks you why. Speaking honestly, you explain to your friend that you find the violence involved offensive, and do not wish to be a part of its' encouragement. At this point, your friend hypothetically may be argumentative, and ask what you mean by the violence being offensive. For a definition, you may reel off your reasons, excuses or otherwise to explain your own opinions on offensiveness. But what can turn this into critical thinking is your approach to how your definition is associated with the definitions of those around you. Critical thinking involves the ability to examine what you believe as fact and dissect areas which these beliefs rest upon. Examining Socrates' trial, we can see that critical thinking was used by Socrates to break down
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PH1105 Essay - Outlining and Assessing Plato's Defence of...

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