Introduction To Applied Psychology

Introduction To Applied Psychology - Introduction to...

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Introduction to Applied Psychology: What is Applied Psychology? Areas recognised by the BPS (and regulated by the HPC) Health Psychology Health psychologists are concerned with health behaviours; they use psychological principles to promote changes in people’s attitudes and behaviour towards health and illness. Areas which health psychologists are involved include quitting smoking, binge drinking, using sun block etc. the goal of health psychology is to promote healthy behaviour and prevent illness Occupational Psychology Occupational Psychologists work with employees and organisations to increase organisational effectiveness and improve the career development of employees. This can involve topics such as how to motivate staff, recruit the best people for a job, help individuals gain new skills, or cope with redundancy. Occupational psychologists may also design or use psychometric tests, as a way of measuring people’s suitability for a particular role. Clinical Psychology Clinical psychologists deal with mental and physical health problems including anxiety, depression, relationship problems and addictions in both adults and children, but many specialise in one area or another. Most Clinical psychologists work within the NHS and private hospitals, though some do work as private practitioners. Counselling Psychology Counselling psychologists work with clients to examine mental health issues and explore the underlying problems that may have caused them. They apply counselling skills and techniques to work across a diverse range of problems, for example bereavement, past and present relationships, mental health issues and disorders. They work within the NHS and private practice. Forensic Psychology
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Introduction To Applied Psychology - Introduction to...

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