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Week 4 - Training In Organisations

Week 4 - Training In Organisations - PS2004 Applied...

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PS2004 Applied Psychology: Training in Organisations Training is “To teach a specified skill especially by practice” (Pearsall and Trumble, 1996) Reasons for Training - Introduction to the organisation - Create awareness of structure of the organisation - Where everything is, and personnel structure. - Introduction to health and safety Implications of New Employee Training Saks (1996): - The more training and orientation programmes that are available, the more effective the new employees transition is. Wanous, Poland, Premack & Davis (1992): - Staff who receive adequate initial training are less likely to quit in the first 6 months. Reasons For Training Retraining & Continuing Education programmes - Certain amounts of knowledge and skills erode over time (London & Bassman, 1989) - Should give refresher courses. - Keeping up to date with advancing technologies - Computers/machinery programmes Maurer (2001): - Older employees may resist retraining ; lack of self-confidence in their ability to learn. Warr & Birdi (1998): - Organisations need to provide support and incentives for older employees to participate in retraining programmes Retirement Planning & Preparation - Organisations off support to employees when planning and preparing for their retirement. Helping employees to look at the idea of a non-working lifestyle. - Help employees make decisions, manage investments and finances as well as the servcies and opportunities available to them. Employee Career Development Noe(1996): Helping employees plan their careers lead to productivity, satisfaction and loyalty from employees
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Important in today's climate for employees to take responsibility for and 'self-
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Week 4 - Training In Organisations - PS2004 Applied...

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