Week 2 - Introduction To Experimental Methods

Week 2 - Introduction To Experimental Methods -...

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Introduction to Experimental Methods Dave Ormerod Summary of Lecture - What is an experiment? - Independent and dependent variables - Control groups - confounding variables - designs - main effects and interactions - hypotheses - external and internal validity What is an experiment? - An experiment tries to test whether X has an effect on Y. - The experimenter manipulates a variable, e.g word type to see what effect it has on another variable eg. recall. - What do i mean by manipulate? Vary in a systematic way - change on purpose to get the effect wanted while keeping other variables as constant as possible. - word length, word difficulty, instructions, etc. - the variable manipulated by the experimenter - Word type is the independent variable (IV) - the the experimenter measure recall memory = this is the dpenedant variable (DV). The IV is: - manipulated by the experimenter - that which is expected to have an effect on the DV. The DV is: - the variable which is measured - variable which should be affected by the IV. Variable: Job satisfaction - continuum is between low and high satisfaction. - Looking at the data and considering how this varies amongst the group, not the individual. What defines an IV and DV? - eg. Word type should affect how many words are recalled - dissimilar words would be recalled more than similar - due to the way working memory processes work. Other examples:
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- Clinical trial: IV = Drug(type, amount, etc), DV = frequency of symptoms - Reaction time: IV = stimulus(item dropped), DV = reaction time.(person catches) Control groups -although not always necessary control group is a comparison group - it is a baseline category. - it is normally compared with one or more experimental groups
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Week 2 - Introduction To Experimental Methods -...

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