Week 9 - Mind and brain - Brain & Nutrition - Neil...

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Breakfast task? o.O - Design a breakfast good for you/mind and brain Definitions - Nutrients - provide energy and basic structural materials; provide precursor molecules for making biochemically significant molecules such as neurotransmitters, hormones, enzymes. Micronutrients, such as some metal ions and vitamins are especially important in this context. Nutrients provide 'self-medication' to alter affective states. Major Nutrients Proteins: - Amino acids used to 'build' enzymes, Muscle fibres, Hormones, neurotransmitters, Glycoproteins. Carbohydrates: Fats: - Fats and Oils; energy and storage; phospholipids. Proteins and the Brain - 5-HT levels are correlated with long term mood states and depression - Known as Serotonin in UK - 5-HT is synthesised from tryptophan. - Insulin impedes amino acid uptake by the brain but priviliges tryptophan so carbs stimulate tryptophan uptake and this may be the mechanism underpinning carbohydrate craving (Furnstron
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Week 9 - Mind and brain - Brain & Nutrition - Neil...

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